Thursday, 12 September 2013

Live Your Life to the Fullest!


Sedikit sentuhan kasih sayang :*

Hello darling. How are you guys actually? Already missing this page to write on about my whole life. Daily things happening to me. Randomly I can say, I predict what will happen and gahh, it happened! Oh please. I'm not an astrologer or super massive people who have sixth sense. Life isn't too hard to predict especially when it comes to some kind of love matters. Anyway, my Final exam is just around the corner. Not to mention, my lecturers hasn't done finishing the syllabus makes us feels like "Hello, apakah?" when we're in class. Imagine learning management chapter 8 : Quality in only 2 hours was like "Ahhhh demmit. What am I learning?!" Lucky me I'd recorded all the lectures in most class especially management and account. Thanks God. Brilliant idea :3

So yes,
I've spend some times with my sayang too of course. Not too mention, yaa, we're getting closer. 2 days from today, us, 2 months. Yippeee yeayy. Happy me happy :) Hahaha. So these are some of our pictures together.
*Hey, it's not that easy to take this snobbish erotic guy's picture. Hahaha..

This is ain't a throwback. Hahaha

Funny kan muka dia? I know. Hahaha.

This is Us :)

Kat sini muka aku je comel. Dia tak -.-

Didn't I say things gonna work really good?
Us. Yeayy alhamdulillah. He's my second priority now after my study. He's my everything after Allah and my family. I need him and Alhamdulillah he needs me too. May Allah bless us, In Shaa Allah :')

come on. Don't cry and say " Sweet gilaaaaaaaaaa" Hahahahaha.
So these are fewwww of my living-to-the-fullest photos. Aaaaaa take a look : 

Ayu je kann?? Hewhewhew :3

So hard to be me. Seriously I am. Hahaha.

Nampak tak gambar posing lebih kurang? Hahaha

I'm such a photo lover ;)

Jujur laa I don't think I gemuk sangat -_-

Ni masa first time pakai calit calit mata macam kucing o_o

This is Natasya! Muahhh sikits! #Throwback #Eid2013

Nampak macam baik sikit laa time ni.....

Natasya comel comot :3

So this is real me now. Hahaha. Funny but I looked motivated and independent!

And that's how I live my life to the fullest.
My life wasn't that great before so I create those new colours and make myself a stronger woman world ever see.
You can do better than anyone else cause sky is the limit!

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