Saturday, 14 September 2013

Happy 2 Months :')


Today's post dedicated to someone. Someone who had changed my life.

thank you fr everything. Although we were just two months. So many happy moments so many love so many tears and fights but all of them teach me to be a better person today. I'm happy when I met you. I won't forget that day I usha you diam-2. Okay. That's quite funny to remember. I know I'm not that kind of girl every boy wants but I'll try to be one soon. Try to be the best fr you.

I'm not a pretty lady.
I'm not a soft kind girl.
Not a typical Barbie type.

I'm just me.

Got nothing more and nothing less.
I'm rough and tough.
I'm an egoistic person.
I'm a whole lot more harder then you ever imagine.

But in my heart right at this moment,
There's only one name. One guy. One feeling. I keep those safe fr you. I don't need anyone else after my family and friends. Thank you fr everything :) Thank you so much :*

2 months of love.

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